A “No Cost To PTO” and “Education First” Fundraiser

When you build a team of 50+ Remarkable Young Leaders in your school, we will donate $1000 + $500/mo to your school’s PTO.  ($20 from each enrollment + $10/mo from each member)

What could your school do with a $6,000+ donation this year? This donation comes from simply offering the RYL program to your students/families. WE’LL EVEN HELP YOU BUILD (AND SUPPORT) THE TEAM FOR YOU and send you a monthly donation as a thank you!

+Build a team of 100+ RYL students in your school and raise over $2000 + $1000/mo donation (over $12,000/year) from RYL for your school. 

We want to help your school succeed! (Plus RYL students may be participating in projects that help raise additional funds for your PTO throughout the year!)

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Register Your School and begin handing out brochures and information to enroll a group of 20-100 kids to participate in the remarkable young leaders curriculum.

Engage Your Students in monthly leadership projects that benefit your school and your community. Every project is designed to make an impact through little actions adding up to be BIG results.

Raise Funds For Your PTO through helping this team of Remarkable Young Leaders to shine and get great results. 50% of tuition paid funnels right back to you PTO every month for a WIN/WIN fundraiser!

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Start Your PTO Fundraiser For Your School
with Remarkable Young Leaders

This Elite Team of Remarkable Young Leaders will be responsible for raising additional funds for your PTO, helping your community/school, and participating in worldwide projects that help students connect with the world… all while learning valuable life leadership skills!

Our curriculum-first fundraisers promote all of the necessary leadership skills to succeed in life—without wasting precious classroom time needed for academic success.

  • Students and Parents follow the step by step service projects outlined in the curriculum, a couple of hours a month is all it takes to get big results for your school and your community.
  • RYL donates 50% of monthly tuition back to the PTO to be used however you see fit to help your classrooms. No fees or cash to collect.

The tuition is just $.67/day for a child to participate ($20/mo) and we take care of everything after signup.


We will then mail your school all of the brochures, posters, and materials to get to your families/students. In a school of 1,000 kids, 5%-10% of the kids would really benefit by participating in this program.

Upon students enrollment, we mail out a monthly check of 50% of this tuition collected from your students as a donation for your PTO, you won’t have to collect tuition or sort/stack/organize anything.

Contact us at Leadership Academy Inc. during normal school hours 715-358-3971 or submit your inquiry/questions using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also use the CHAT WITH US button below to speak with someone LIVE right away.

Here’s what one PTO President says about our RYL Fundraiser:

“This fundraiser was the easiest one we have done yet and it brought in the most money. It was a win-win!”

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Students will be participating each month in various Group Leadership Projects as well as have the opportunity to Create and Execute their own Leadership Projects to build their own project portfolio. In the past, students have used their Project Portfolios to get into secondary schools and attach to their resumes/applications. Each student will receive a Leadership Score Card every month that will give 3 different results. They will be able to track their own personal results, the accumulative results of your school, and the results of the entire RYL team.

This Leadership Score Card is a great way for students to track progress, build confidence, and gauge their ability to Lead their teams to success!


“Over 100 people attended the Family Fun Night. We raised 50,907 pennies for the collection. I realized that my actions really do make a difference! We had so much fun and I can't wait for the next project!”

- Gabe R., 10 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader


“Leadership Academy helped me find my passion for helping young girls realize how beautiful they are without makeup. I researched, designed, and gave an awareness presentation to area girls. We put up a website, made videos, and connected with lots of people in the process. I learned a lot!”

- Jenna B., 15 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader


“I collected 100 winter hats for those that need my help. I am a leader! My project was fun and I learned a lot. What awesome project are we doing next month!?”

- Katerra G., 8 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader

We Are a Company of Passionate Teachers and Leaders Dedicated To Helping Your School and Your Students


What is the cost to the school for this program?

Nothing. We ask the parents/students for a nominal fee of $49 to start and $20/mo. Of the $49 fee, $20 is given back to the PTO. Also, 50% ($10 of the $20 per student) of the monthly tuition is given back to your schools PTO to help you help your school. We give back 50% of tuition because want to help you succeed!

Can we send more than 50 students?

Yes! We just use 50 as an average number of students per school. The more students you enroll, the larger the monthly donation to your PTO!

What will they get upon enrollment? Your not going to SPAM them are you?

We take privacy very seriously, their information will never be sold or given away. The only communication to send them is in the form of getting started materials, action planner worksheets to start the training, and tips and updates on successful practices to get great results. Their information is safe with Reamrkable Young Leaders.

What’s the workload like? Our students are so busy already.

We get it, time is very precious, especially with middle school work load. This program is designed to only take a couple of hours… a MONTH. Simplicity is key and we strive to teach the power of little things. Little things add up to be big things and this is a team effort. It’s not about the time that’s put into the projects, it’s about the individual effort which helps us achieve so much. We’ve found that in a few hours, students can set into motion some powerful things and get remarkable results.