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Gary Engels

Founder, CEO, Youth Leadership Coach
Started Leadership Academy Inc in 2005, and in 2008, Gary has been on a decade long journey of teaching Leadership through engaging in the community and taking action.

Nikki Engels

CFO – Administration
With a degree in Organizational Management and Psychology, Nikki is the driving force in the office of RYL and Leadership Academy Inc. A Mother of 3, Nikki is a busy and inspirational leader for many Remarkable Young Leaders.

Karlie Trapp

Community Manager – Advisor
After graduation college, Karlie turned to social work. She’s spends time in the community making sure clients are on the right path. She is actively engaged in helping her community and serving our youth.

Brian Williams

Youth Coach – Founder

Youth Speaker and Activist, Brian’s passion in life is to inspire youth, that every single person has the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. No matter how rich, poor, or dysfunctional your world may be. . . everyone has the ability to impact someone’s life in a positive way


Katie Woods

Youth Coach
Katie earned her Black Belt at Leadership Academy and has put together some of the best projects to date with this program. Her story is one of overcoming adversity, tackling problems instead of complaing about them, and giving back and staying loyal to the organization that gave her so much. Katie is a leader and a role model for Remarkable Yougn Leaders everywhere. 

Kayla Chapman

Youth Coach/Advisor
As a Blue Belt in Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu, a Fitness instructor and motivational coach, Kayla is an advisor to Remarkable Young Leaders and always provides great insight as to how we can better grow this remarkable program. 

Adrian Pierson

Youth Coach
A Blue Belt in Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu and role model at Leadership Academy, Adrian helps out around the office and serves to inspire every child that he spends time with. He’s great with the kids and they look up to him for inspiration and guidance.

Robert Dionne

Youth Coach – Black Belt at Leadership Academy
Bob Dionne is the founder of Kindness for Kids, a non-profit dedicated to making sure every kid has an incredible Christmas. Bob earned his Black Belt at Leadership Academy in 2014 and during that journey has helped to shape what Remarkable Young Leaders is today. 

Danny Sikkens

Youth Coach/Advisor
A fourth-degree black belt, he founded Aim High Martial Arts in 2005. Dan works to ensure the staff has the training and every tool they need to succeed in creating a positive experience for his students. His Leadership and team building experience in running a large non-profit martial arts school is shared with Remarkable Young Leaders.


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We’d love to have you apply. Please contact us to get an application. We are always looking for new awesome team members here at Remarkable Young Leaders so we can impact millions of youth around the world through our action and projects. 

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You’ll find our staff to be excellent communicators. We are constantly working on ways to help you understand and utilize the RYL method. 

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