Our Mission:

We create remarkable young leaders by inspiring a swarm of youth social activism and collaboration, doing good for our community/schools. 

Our Beginnings

We began with a Powerful Idea:
Teach kids leadership by immersing them in a leadership role serving others.

Projects Completed



Better World

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Our Journey Started in 2005


Leadership Academy Inc was founded and a seed was planted. We set out on a mission to create leaders.



Gary created the National Leadership Team and sought to take many of the lessons and projects that students were already doing to a larger scale by inspiring others to take action. The National Leadership Team was inspired by a conversation with Tom Callos, creator of the Ultimate Black Belt Test, during Gary’s many years with him and his work. 



Projabi.com was born as this idea evolved and began to grow beyond a “National” program. Schools in Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, and across the United States were using our program. Projabi was created as a project tracking tool to track and inspire community projects.


We were awarded the first ever “Out of the Dojo and Into The World” award for completing and recording over 300 projects on Projabi.com.



Gary Engels was flown out to Reno, NV to speak on the TEDx stage about Project Based Leadership Training and the birth of Remarkable Young Leaders took place as a buzz word in his TEDx talk. A seed was planted that day that has grown into the program that you are looking at today.


We have completed 610 Projects (as of writing this) on Projabi.com. Hundreds of students have stepped up through action and community activism to achieve results for their local communities. In the process, they have developed more confidence, more resilience, more social skills, more discipline, more responsibility, more relationships and connections… and have become Remarkable Young Leaders.


We have taken everything we’ve learned in the last 12 years of working on this curriculum and have brought it all together to the Remarkable Young Leaders program that you are reading about now. We have learned a lot over the years (I’ve included some of the research under the “About > Research” tab at the top) and will continue to add as we learn from you. We are always watching and learning how you continue to use Project Based Leadership Training. Your feedback is always welcomed. We look forward to working with your family.

We Collaborate With The Best Non-Profits That Support Relevant Causes


What is PROJABI?

It’s a power tool for teachers, students, and parents to use service learning. I’m a teacher, and my students have been participating and benefiting from service learning for 6 years now. However, they needed a simple, inexpensive and effective tool, an ingenious one, for documenting and developing their service learning projects. In the program, you’ll find research that proves service learning will increase grades and enhance a student’s personal and interpersonal development. I think some communities may not understand the value of Service Projects and through building a project portfolio, we can help build the value in your program and build a rich history of service learning and community accomplishments.
(also developed by Leadership Academy Inc.)