logo-simpleWhat will my child learn with RYL?

Leaders are not born, they are created. Our innovative curriculum creates leaders by guiding children through a community project from start to finish. The power of a project is in the experience, the process, and learning how to get results in helping others. When kids (and families) collaborate with community partners, they promote social, emotional, cultural, and academic growth.

We define our lives by our experiences.

Life is the actions we take, the things we do, the people we help and impact along the way. Our RYL curriculum challenges students to think about the things they are capable of doing NOW to start leading others and live a remarkable story. We will help you (or your child) develop powerful experiences. 

“One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that
we as individuals can make a difference.”
— Jeff Bridges, actor, humanitarian

MAKING MAGIC: Kids take an idea and apply remarkable actions to get remarkable results. Each kid has something to offer, something to bring to the table, and though adults are involved and will supervise the projects, kids learn personal responsibility by having to get results and record their results at the end of the month. Every little bit helps and kids learn how little things add up to be big things.

Our Monthly Curriculum Packet Includes

  • scorecard2Project Action Packet/Worksheet
    – Monthly Project Quickstart Guide
    – Simple Detailed Checklist To Get Results
  • Your Personal Leadership Scorecard
    – Track Your Accumulative Results, Your School’s Results, and Your Entire RYL TEAM’s Results!
  • Certificates of Achievement
    — Celebrate Your Wins As You Accomplish Milestones!
  • Other Tools/Resources To Help You Succeed
    – Leadership lessons, Learn The Mindset of a Leader
    – Family discussions – questions and talking points designed around each project. Great for around the dinner table or other times when you’re family may connect.

“The best environment for developing yourself is through helping others”
– Gary Engels

bonusImmediately Upon Enrollment, You’ll Receive…

…login details to help get you the training materials and project action planners to get started. You could be started on your project within minutes!!


  • Bonus #1 – “Creating Leaders” Manual
    – FOR PARENTS and TEENS: Learn the mindset of a Leader. This guide is broken down into a 3 part journey; Personal Leadership (physical and mental well being), Leading Others, and Leading your community/world.  (value $49)
  • Bonus #2 – Projabi Quick Start Guide – How to use our Project Portfolio Tracking Tool – www.Projabi.com is available to all RYL members. This tool will help you keep track of your results and your projects as you grow in your leadership journey with us.  (value $100)
  • Bonus #3 – Remarkable Young Leaders T-shirt – You’re now part of the Remarkable Young Leaders Team and what’s a team without a Tshirt! ($19.99)

Effective, Affordable
Youth Leadership Training

Effective, Affordable Youth Leadership Training  
Just $49 to Register For RYL Membership then Only $39/mo $20/mo

“Great leaders do not desire to lead but to serve (Dr. Myles Munroe, 2009).”

Every month, students have 2 project options:

  1. COLLABORATION: We collaborate with non-profits who have great ideas/projects already started. Each month you’ll get a plan for you to follow to get results with them. This is the fastest way to get involved with us and as a team of RYL, we are able to leverage BIG results on a very large scale for some very worthy causes. (i.e. if you collect 100 pairs of shoes, collectively RYL could have collected 10,000 pairs of shoes when we all work together)
  2. INDIVIDUAL: You are able to put together your own projects. Every project starts with an idea and needs you to bring it to life. Our program gives students inspiration, a framework and guidance to bring some massive energy to the idea, and the network to share it across a large number of other students who want to make a difference. Our network of students have already recorded over 600 individual student projects on our website.

Our 2 part curriculum gives a framework and structure, and kids apply creativity, energy, and action to breathe life into each project in your school and in your community. In this process, Leadership skills are realized and developed with every project they participate in!

“The Creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

RYL Group Project Rules

  1. Takes Little Time – You produce a little work and get maximum results – results are disconnected from the time you put in (i.e. make a you tube video that can be shared and serve the project far longer than the time it took to make it.)
  2. Actions Chosen By Student – Several options/tasks are given to help with each project, ultimately, you will do what you are excited about. Choose tasks/options that inspire you.
  3. Must Serve Others/Community – You can’t get involved in a project that is self serving, must benefit others. In the process of helping someone else, you will learn servant leadership.
  4. Must Be Scalable – Every little bit helps, remember that your actions and your results are a piece of the puzzle, but as a team we can achieve so much more.
  5. Inspire Others To Help You – The ultimate goal is to have many others help you with your goal, when you’ve inspired others to help you achieve a common goal, you’ve become a leader.

“Selfesteem comes from DOING Esteemable Acts” – Francine Ward


join-us-bannerOur “Education-First Fundraiser” helps fund and support your school’s PTA/PTO as well as provide a powerful Project Based Leadership Training Education for your child. Now that’s a WIN/WIN!

Effective, Affordable
Youth Leadership Training

Effective, Affordable Youth Leadership Training  Just $49 to Register For RYL Membership then Only $39/mo $20/mo

“At 15, my son has now built a project portfolio of 13 projects at Leadership Academy.
He has learned about the world and his potential to lead through his leadership projects.”
– Judy C., Parent of a Remarkable Young Leader


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