Parents, Research Proves High Value In Experiential Leadership Education...

"5 Proven Steps to Raising Courageous, Confident, Disciplined, Self Reliant, Remarkable Young Leaders..."

PDF teaches you a strategy to HELP your child develop the identity of a LEADER, learn about empathy and respect for others, practice discipline, self reliance, attention to detail, perseverance, and integrity ...In An interactive, Experiential, and Engaging Leadership Training Curriculum For Your Entire Family

TEDx Talk Presented by
Gary Engels, Founder Of Leadership Academy Inc.

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As you've seen in my TEDx talk, I'm 100% dedicated to helping your family and can back it up with over 600 Projects documented! Download my FREE PDF to learn "The 5 Steps To Raising Remarkable Young Leaders", as well as more about this engaging monthly leadership curriculum and coaching!