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    We are creating responsible, participative, engaged young citizens...it's what we do here. With RYL, you'll find like minded kids who are caring, kind, and all about service to their community.

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Your child will learn the process of developing an idea from just a seedling all the way into turning it into reality. This is the most valuable skill on earth.


Every project is created to teach important life leadership skills. This includes teaching students how to CREATE results. Leaders are creators and producers, let's teach our kids how!


We DON'T learn to play basketball by reading about it in a book, we have to practice! Leadership has the same learning process. Learn the most sought after skill on earth by immersing yourself in a leadership role over and over again throughout the year!


Each member of RYL is encouraged to provide their thoughts/feedback to help each project succeed. Collaboration is a necessary and highly valuable skill to learn.


Learning, Laughing, and Creating Experiences with other like minded kids... thousands around the world in fact ;-) We shouldn't teach our youth to collect things, but collect experiences and relationships instead.


The truth is, it's not about the project at all, it's what the project can become. Leaders live in a world of possibility. Let's teach our youth to lead a remarkable childhood to setup a remarkable life.

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Our simple and effective curriculum is designed to engage kids and create responsible, confident, remarkable young leaders. Participative, engaged, contributing members of society through social action. Join Us and super charge this school year!