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Every month, your RYL Packet arrives in the mail and the Character Training comes alive through real life examples and real life action in your community helping others. 

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The Lorax Lesson

“It’s not about the seed, It’s about what that seed can become.” – The Lorax
Each project develops incredible results… but the real magic is
what ALL of these projects can become for your child. 

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We're Now Recruitting New RYL

We are always looking for new Remarkable Young Leaders and we would love to have you join our team. Tuition is affordable and the leadership training is Remarkable. 

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Helping Children Succeed

We are always looking for new Remarkable Young Leaders and we would love to have you join our team. Tuition is affordable and the leadership training is Remarkable. 

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Backed By A Decade of Experience

We have been designing projects and developing Remarkable Young Leaders for over 10 years. We have recorded Hundreds of Projects effectively serving our communities and making a difference in the lives of others. Now, it’s YOUR turn to engage and develop authentic, real world Leadership Skills. 

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Your first package will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Each month, you’ll receive a new themed package filled with empowering project details and directions, fun and inspirational project ideas and confident boosting ways to engage in your community. 

   Take Action and Learn

Watch your child race to the mailbox each month to check for their latest RYL project adventure! Our fun and engaging packages will inspire a life-long love of learning, leadership and empathy.

Project Based Leadership Training

We are a team of action takers...of doers. We engage, we help, we serve, and we learn powerful leadership skills in the process.

It's a journey and you're child will experience how little things add up to be big things! Join Us - Become A Remarkable Young Leader

Monthly Reports

Every month, you’ll receive a progress report or score card. It will outline your personal leadership results and your team’s results with RYL. Celebrating your wins builds confidence and drives us all to do more and become more.

Connect With Others

This team is dedicated to helping others in your community. You’ll connect with others on the team and other remarkable people/heroes from your school and around the world. 

Discover and Explore

You’ll be able to dive into pre-planned group leadership projects OR learn to create your own leadership experiences by planning and executing your own projects. 

Project Portfolio

Every group project that you participate in, or plan and execute on your own, will be recorded in your online youth leadership Project Portfolio to track your progress and your results from day 1.

Drop Us A Line

Our customer service is incredible. You’ll talk to one of our friendly coaches/support team who can help you get started and help you with any questions you may have on your leadership journey with Remarkable Young Leaders. 


“Over 100 people attended the Family Fun Night. We raised 50,907 pennies for the collection. I realized that my actions really do make a difference! We had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next project!”

- Gabe R., 10 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader

“Leadership Academy helped me find my passion for helping young girls realize how beautiful they are without makeup. I researched, designed, and gave an awareness presentation to area girls. We put up a website, made videos, and connected with lots of people in the process. I learned a lot!”

- Jenna B., 15 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader

“I collected 100 winter hats for those that need my help. I am a leader! My project was fun and I learned a lot. What awesome project are we doing next month!?”

- Katerra G., 8 Year Old Remarkable Young Leader

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We will provide you with everything you need to get started. Every month you'll receive project packets and progress reports as you build your project portfolio. Plus, as an education first fundraiser, RYL will give back 50% of your tuition to your school's PTO.

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